Frequently Asked Questions

For starters, we have been in business for over 15 years.  If this was a scam and we were doing things illegally, we’d be in jail for committing fraud this many years.  We are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.  We don’t charge anything to start, we cover the upfront costs and if your claim is denied we take it as a loss and still don’t ask you to pay us.  We get paid only when you get paid.  We are successful together. 

No.  We are the opposite.  If we’ve contacted you that means you are likely owed money.  We help individuals and businesses adhere to the laws governing a claim and help complete all the steps necessary in completing their claim.  A call or letter from us is great news!

They are lost assets that have not been claimed by rightful owners required by law be turned over to county, state and federal governments until they are claimed.

There are many sources of unclaimed assets – stocks, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, dividends, social security checks, tax refunds and many more sources.   Billions of dollars are being held by governments with more being added annually.

Short Answer – to ensure the filing is correct and to find all money you are owed before the recovery period expires.

You are assigned an account specialist to manage your account. This isn’t a free computer search with a couple of small results.  If you want the filing to be done properly and locate all eligible unclaimed money, having an experienced professional ensures more results. 

We don’t get paid unless you receive money.  We don’t ask/charge any money upfront.  Over our 15 years of helping clients we have improved our processes to maximize our clients’ returns and we’re good at what we do.

Our fees are based on what State and County statutes legally allow.  We follow the law.  If any company tries to charge more than the law allows or charges money up front, we recommend avoidance.

This depends on where your matter is pending.  Statutory time and court scheduling are a few influencing factors.  Most cases distribute 12-18 months, some are quicker and others longer.
We keep you posted to any time lines we learn of as we continue working on your case behind the scenes.

State laws dictate how long you can recover your funds before the government escheats them.  Some states we have years to recover and others we only have months.  We treat every case the same and work promptly to help recovery your money before the government keeps it permanently.

Depending on the statutes of the state where your money is being held there is a time frame where your money can become permanent “escheatment”.  Meaning the government permanently keeps it and you can no longer make any claims to recover.  Once this occurs you lose your money.

Review our risk-free agreement, sign and return it to our office as soon as you can.  We will then start our due diligence and initiate your claim for you.

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