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We work hard for our clients.  It’s rewarding to help change people’s lives.

Some Successful Recoveries



I had no idea I was owed $56k. Claims Recovery contacted me and processed everything making is super simple.



Start to finish, couldn’t have been easier to work with.



They did everything for us. We signed paperwork, they kept us updated throughout the whole process and then we received our money.



We tried doing it ourselves but the government fought us for almost 2 years and then finally denied our claim. After we talked with Emma at Claims Recovery she did a great job communicating throughout the process. We know that without her help we wouldn’t have been able to get our money.



I was skeptical at first – someone offering to help me claim money, who does that? It took me a while to agree to get started with Claim Recovery Services. I kind of regretted waiting so long because it only held up me getting my money. I highly recommend them to anyone…especially the skeptics.



What a wonderful surprise to know I was part of a cousin’s estate. Emma help guide me through the process, answered all my questions and helped claim the money.



It cost me nothing out of pocket.  Claims Recovery Services handled everything for me.  Excellent experience!



I kept ignoring Claims Recovery Services attempts to contact me.  I am so glad they were persistent or I would have missed out on a lot of money.  They were kind and patient with me.



I never had to leave my home and it cost me nothing in advance.  Very happy customer.



After my husband passed away things were tight.  Now I can visit and treat the grandkids and not worry.



Great company to work with!



We thought we had received everything from my family’s estate because it was so organized but there was more.  Claims Recovery Services found it for us.  We had no idea there was more from another state.

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